You want to let your property as quickly as possible
and on the best lease terms

As one of London’s most active property agents, we’re here to help you do exactly that.

The rental market is changing, and the last thing you want is for your building to sit empty for months. The good news is, we’ve placed tenants in hundreds of properties. We even recently filled all five floors of a new City building before any other agents could get their clients through the front door.

We know the best locations, who will make the perfect tenants and how to negotiate the most favourable terms for you.

“The Workplace Company clearly understood the brief and were able to explain the reality of the marketplace. I felt I was genuinely able to count on their unstinting support throughout. I have already recommended The Workplace
and will happily continue to do so.”

Paul Fear
British Accreditation Council

We search for and identify the best tenants for your space

When you work with The Workplace Co., you receive:

  • Expert advice on the market value of your property
  • Gorgeous marketing materials to attract a large number of high-quality applicants
  • Distribution to agents and tenants, plus regular reviews to make sure your marketing is both efficient and effective
  • Hassle-free property inspections
  • Help crafting and negotiating the lease terms

It’s Easy to Find the Perfect Tenant When You Work
With the Workplace Co.

We use a multi-layered approach to reach the largest number of agents and tenants—no matter where or how they’re searching for a property. Our talented designers, marketers and tech staff create high-impact marketing materials with the sole purpose of filling your property fast.

Gorgeous photography

Our staff photographer visits your building to capture your space in the best possible light.

Custom property brochure

Our designers create a glossy brochure to advertise your property. We’re also able to create a stunning video walk through of your space to circulate online.

Access to our professional network

Within hours, your building’s particulars are on the desks of all relevant professionals. We can even organize a property launch to ensure the largest number of London based acquisition agents have seen your space.

Access to our tenant network

The benefit of being one of London’s most active acquisition agents is we can get your property in front of hundreds of potential tenants, specifically those looking for a space just like yours.

Exhaustive online marketing

We list your property on the top online web portals for commercial office spaces, including the small sites you’ve never heard of.

Targeted tenant approach

We search out and identify soon-to-expire leases in the area. Those companies are often eager to let a similar space and are relieved to get help.

Lease Negotiations

Once we’ve found a potential tenant, we act as the interface between you, helping avoid legal disputes (and headaches). We negotiate commercial leases every day and understand where the best deal lies.

We’ll help you address the following points to achieve the best terms for your property:

  • Rent / rent commencement date
  • Incentives / capital contributions
  • Demise / floor areas
  • Service charge liabilities
  • Repairs, reinstatement and dilapidations
  • Alienation
  • Alterations conditions
  • Landlord’s works and deliverability
  • Legal costs
  • Exclusivity / timing for legal formalities

Initial Transaction From Only 6.5% Commission

How can we offer such low rates? We believe in our agents and our ability to fill your property fast. And we know you’ll be back for more. To prove our worth, we’re willing to offer you a great deal.

Let’s fill your office space